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Download Super Mario Run apk from online

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Many people these days play video games like never before because there are different kinds of games that suits to different ages of people are available. Playing video game has become the one of the best entertainment for many young people and teens as they like to play different kinds of games of any genre. As video games engage their mind with excitement and thrilling they take more time to play different kinds of games. Some players even become addicted to some video games may be action or adventure games. As developers put their creative efforts to develop the best games ever, people go crazy for playing games as they spend time and also money on video games.

Different kinds of games genres are there such as platform, action, sports, adventure, racing, fun, thrilling, strategic and many other genres. The one of the most interesting games that is been famous for some decades and its latest version Super Mario Run is also rocking as like previous versions. In the beginning of 80’s Super Mario game has come to the market and ever since it is a most famous platform game in different versions. Gamers who have tried playing it would know how fun and interesting the game is as the game play will be exciting though the game is simple to play.

The latest version of the game is Super Mario Run that is released this year in iOS platform and is scheduled for release in the year 2017 for android users. You can download Super Mario Run apk from 2017. This game is simple to play yet interesting to play as the game is set in such a way. Player has to scroll the character Mario as side running so that Mario will reach the destination in each level. In between the way many obstacles will be there so player has to press jump to make Mario jump to escape Mario from obstacles. If Mario hits the obstacles it will lose its energy and continuously hitting the obstacles will cause loss of life of Mario. Once the life is lost then the gamer has to play the game from the beginning of the level.