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Do Biodegradable Plastic Spoons Really Exist?

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I have seen modern many manufacturers who are promoting biodegradable plastic spoons. I was a little shocked at those promotions because plastic is never seen as a biodegradable material. As a matter of fact, plastic is banned in many places around the world. When that is the case, how is that a few manufacturers have managed to successfully manufacture plastic spoons  and cutlery. Upon further investigation, it has been revealed that these spoons were not entirely biodegradable. But, they were made using plastic of a certain range of microns which were not as bad to the environment when compared to the plastic products of the yesteryears which were beyond the permissible micron range which is considered bad for the environment. Hence, when compared to the plastic spoons of those days, the ones manufactured today are comparatively better for the environment. But, that doesn’t mean they are good for the environment. More importantly, I would say that it would not be entirely accurate if you say that such spoons are biodegradable.

There is a lot of dispute about modern plastic spoons being biodegradable in spite of the manufacturers claiming them to be biodegradable. Many people feel that manufacturers are merely using the word biodegradable to market their plastic spoons. They say that manufacturers are not being entirely truthful and they may be right. Also, people who are in support of such manufacturers are using the word disposable. Now, I would say that this is a case of misunderstanding. Disposable does not necessarily mean biodegradable. Disposable plastic spoons which can be disposed of using scientific methods so that they don’t cause landfills. But, this is not the same as being biodegradable. So, this raises a question whether manufacturers are promoting disposable plastic spoons as biodegradable plastic spoons. If that is true, then those manufacturers are surely deceiving their customers.

So, to conclude, to find out the truth, the authorities who are entrusted to take care of the environment need to investigate into this matter. They need to find out how these manufacturers are producing biodegradable plastic spoons. People must know the truth.